HSRT480-4 4 color flexo printing machine

Product description:
1 ceramic roller ink.
2 release material, the material is collected by the magnetic powder brake, clutch control (or optional import MITSUBISHI automatic up force controller).
3 the printing unit is adjusted to the version 360.
4 each printing unit has a set of infrared drying device.
5 full back coating or local gluing function (or hot water gel sol for).
6 parking when the ink roller can automatically separate and low-speed operation to prevent the ink dry.
7 the host adopts imported frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.
8. Jane feeding, rectification, printing, positive and negative printing, glue, automatic drying and coiling a completed, is the ideal model for the printing self-adhesive trademark printing and medical paper printing and coating.
Performance and characteristics of HSRT480-4 4 color flexo printing machine:
1, simple operation, flexible starting, accurate color.
2, meter device can be set according to the requirements of the number of printing, to a number of automatic shutdown, automatic shutdown of the material.
3, pneumatic landing plate cylinder, lifting the ink after automatic mixing.
4, reticulate roller ink, ink evenly.
5, reliable drying system, with high-speed operation, automatic shutdown.
6, 360 degree continuous adjustable longitudinal to plate device.
7, variable frequency speed regulation, to adapt to different printing speed.
8, the version of the roller and the material on the frame are equipped with a point and stop buttons, easy to install version of the machine.
9, the tension of the tension is controlled by the magnetic powder brake, the winding tension is controlled by the magnetic particle clutch.
10, double reeling frame.
Main technical parameters:
Model HSRT480-4
Printing speed
Printing color 4 color (colors)
Accuracy of the set of 0.1mm
Can a Once glue
Max width 500mm
Max width of printing 480mm
Unwinding maximum diameter 800mm
The maximum roll diameter 600mm
Printing perimeter 180-380mm
Paper thickness 40-250g
Supply voltage 380V + 10%
Host power 3.7KW
Total power 25kW
Outline dimension 4800x1350x2500mm
Whole weight about (about) 2800kg