HSR320-6 6 color all UV double station printing machine

Product features:
1, the ceramic roller ink.
2, put the material, the material by the magnetic powder brake, clutch control (or optional Japanese MITSUBISHI automatic tension controller).
3, each printing unit uses 360 degrees to adjust to the version.
4, each printing unit has a set of infrared drying device.
5, when parking roller can automatically disengaged, and moving to the low-speed, to prevent the ink dry.
6, the main motor adopts imported frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.
7, built-in computer correction, to ensure that the paper position unchanged
8, reversing device can realize the reverse printing
9, still picture can be timely to monitor the quality of printing
10, film feeding and die cutting waste collection by magnetic control
11 knife roller cutting position, and under the hail of exchange of positive and negative cutting. Second working positions can be used to break the use, with the transfer table to make products neatly stacked.
12, the volume from the magnetic powder constant tension control, do not use broken into the harvest of the coil.
Technical parameter:
Printing speed
Printing color
6 color (colors)
Max Web Width
Max printing width
Max roll diameter
Good 600mm
Max roll diameter
Good 600mm
Printing circumference
overlay accuracy
+ 0.10mm
Die cutting length
Outline dimensions (including transport units)