HSLZZ-320B roll cutting machine

Product description:
1 the machine adopts imported servo system, equipped with pneumatic two sets of sets of the mold and the two tracking photoelectric can guarantee the blank material of the two cutting precision,
Ensure products can be successfully sent off down pressure structure using 2 pull mode and on evacuation.
3 equipped with pneumatic feeding mechanism, can be implemented to lay the irregular core and die cutting synchronization.
Can be achieved with the bottom of the bottom hem of paper and paper function of more than 4 sets of income volume device and the folding board.
5 reasonable space arrangements can be achieved with the completion of the die cutting and towel.
Note: rolling cut sheet surface shall not have obvious warp and wrinkle. The length of the exposed burr is no more than 2/3 of the thickness of the pole piece. Pole piece roll cutting edge should not be visible off the visual powder after bare metal layer, cutting edge off powder pile height not more than 0.3mm. Complete sets of properties: automatic pole piece rolling machine factory should be equipped with the normal use of accessories and maintenance spare parts and special tools. Automatic pole piece cutting machine factory should provide technical specification or operation, installation, maintenance manuals and other technical documents and certificate, packing list.
Main technical parameters:
Model HSY-320
Die cutting speed 75m/min
Max width 320mm
Maximum unwinding diameter 600mm
The maximum roll diameter 600mm
Die cutting length 188-450mm
Outline dimension 1860*1000*1700mm
Weight of whole machine 100kg
Supply voltage 220V + 10%
Performance characteristics:
Cutting knife, dotted line knife, indentation wheel (any group), can be 0 space cutting. Storage cabinet and other intimate design, convenient and practical.
Feed pressure adjustable design, to meet the different needs of the thickness of paper. Pressure dashed line, indentation, pressure sensitive adhesive arbitrary combination.
High precision blade, to ensure that the bottom is not broken. The function design, convenient adjustment.
Clamshell protective cover, convenient and safe. Hob without shaking design, to ensure the accuracy.
Automatic paper feeding, to adapt to the different 120~300 grams of paper thickness, high efficient and reliable. CNC professional indentation, convenient and quick.
Digital speed adjustment, to adapt to different levels of proficiency.