Flexible printing machine

Product description:
1 all stainless steel shell, durable, never rust.
2 imported Philip special burning lamps, ballasts (Philip frequency conversion type is very favorable to the plate).
3 Import (Toyobo) diffuse reflectance UV pumping film.
4 computer automatic control, easy to use.
5 using the United States imports of digital integrated temperature sensor.
6 fully automatic washing mechanism.
7 Japan's Panasonic (or the East) wash format motor, Japan (ORIX) constant temperature drying wind blowing strong, fast drying.
8 to stick with imported Philip's special UVC light source.
9 set exposure, wash version. Drying, to stick in one, is the ideal equipment for soft version of the system.
Main technical parameters:
The print area type size power machine
Printer area Measurement:W*D*H Power) Model
600*400mm 860*710*1050mm 2.3KW HS-6040
900*600mm 1190*910*1150mm 3.5kw HS-9060
1200-1000mm 1500*1310*1160 3.8kw HS-120100